Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Lizard in a Sweater Holding a Banner

I haven't posted on this blog much lately, but I thought this piece warranted a post. This was a birthday illustration that I'm hoping to alter slightly and turn into a greeting card one day. I tried a slightly different approach with this one, using pencil for the outline instead of pen, combined with watercolor, to get a softer look. I'm happy with the way it turned out, but I think I still need to do some tinkering with the technique. I also did this drawing without looking at reference photos which gives it a slightly more illustrative and less realistic feel. 

Since the last time I posted here I've started making greeting cards with my work on it, including several Bill Murray pieces that I made for a Bill Murray themed show at Good: A Gallery here in Portland on N. Mississippi and N. Skidmore. All my new cards and prints are available at my Etsy shop, and if you happen to live in Portland you can buy them in person at Flutter on Mississippi St. (When you're there please give their store cat "King" a good head scratching for me!)

My cards are also being sold at Skylight Books in Los Angeles and Elliot Bay Book Store in Seattle, which is very exciting for me. Even though I haven't posted here in a while that doesn't mean I haven't been drawing! I'm always uploading stuff to my Instagram feed (beardedmaladies) and to my Facebook page. Sorry for all the self promotion but I've got a lot to update you guys on! I have a show coming up in June at Paxton Gate here in Portland which will be an extension of my Insect series I did back in September of 2013. I've been having fun working on new bug paintings and I'm looking forward to sharing them on here soon. Okay, is that all? I think that's all. Bye!